Is a franchise the best route for you?

Is a franchise the best route for you?

Bearing in mind that Wanderluxe isn’t strictly a franchise, you may be wondering why we have written this article.

admin By Scott - 27.12.2022

Despite not being a franchise, Wanderluxe does provide many of the advantages you would find with one, along with additional benefits tailored to the travel industry. 

Franchising is a popular and effective way to start a business, as it provides many benefits to entrepreneurs. Here are a few reasons why franchising is a good option for those looking to start their own business:


Established brand:

 One of the biggest advantages of franchising is that the franchisee is able to operate under an established brand name. This can be incredibly valuable, as it can help to attract customers and establish trust in the marketplace. 

Additionally, franchisees can benefit from the marketing and advertising efforts of the franchisor, which can help to further promote the brand. For example, our partners will benefit from the advertising campaigns, social media presence, and other marketing initiatives that we have already established.

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Proven business model

When you become a franchisee, you are essentially buying into a proven business model. The franchisor has already done the work of developing and testing the business concept and has likely already identified and resolved any potential issues. This can give franchisees a significant advantage when it comes to starting and running their own business. 

For example, a partner of Wanderluxe will not have to worry about supplier agreements, financial reconciliation, or operational or marketing processes, as all of these things (and more) have already been established and proven by us.


Support and training

Franchisees typically receive support and training from the franchisor, which can be invaluable when starting a new business. This can include help with things like site selection, marketing, and operations, as well as ongoing support as the business grows. 

For example, all of our partners receive training on how to plan and operate their businesses, how to manage clients and suppliers, how to hire and train employees, and how to handle customer service.

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 Franchisees may also have an easier time securing financing for their business. Banks and other lending institutions may be more willing to provide funding to franchisees, as they view the franchise business model as less risky than a standalone business. This is because many franchisors have established relationships with lenders and are able to help their franchisees secure funding.


Increased buying power

Franchisees also benefit from the franchisor's buying power. Franchisees are able to purchase goods and services at a lower cost than they would be able to as an independent business. This can help franchisees to save money and increase their profits. 

Wanderluxe partners enjoy industry-leading commission rates, meaning you can earn a lot more for doing the same work you could potentially earn starting from scratch.


Overall, franchising is a great way for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. By becoming a franchisee, entrepreneurs can take advantage of an established brand, proven business model, support and training, financing, and increased buying power, which can all help to increase their chances of success.

Additionally, franchising can provide a level of stability and security that might not be available to someone starting a business from scratch. With the franchisor's help, a franchisee can focus on the day-to-day operations of the business, and not have to worry about some of the more complicated aspects of starting a business.


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