What our members say

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What our members say

  • Lorraine Robinson

    I have been with Wanderluxe for 2 years.  I was previously part of a large Franchise beforehand.  Moving my business to Wanderluxe has been the best decision I have made. 

    There are many reasons, but the main ones being, the flexibility to run my own business, the support I get and the healthy environment in which we operate in.


    There isn’t a sense of targets and competition with other franchisees.  We are treated with respect and as individuals.  


    I wanted to run my company as me, with my own identify and for my personality to be able to come through.  We are provided with so much resource but it doesn’t feel like I am in with the masses.  It’s about what I need to successfully run my business. 

    The back office aspect is excellent.  I have my admin taken care of and I cannot praise this enough.  My clients notice the personal touch with this and it leaves me to do what I do best, find clients, look for and book holidays.  I trust the admin team to make my business look good and they always do.  


    Within Wanderluxe I feel valued and prioritised.  Help is always available and support is always there.  There is a lot of experience withing Wanderluxe and it gives me peace of mind to know for both myself and my clients there is always someone to guide me. 

  • Lisa Russell

    After being in travel for a number of years I was finding the franchise that I was with oppressing and seemingly like sales were more important than people... both clients and travellers and me as a franchisee.

    The friendly feel was definitely missing. Caring for our clients was missing.
    I approached Norma and Scott and decided to jump on board with Wanderluxe Partners at the start and I am so pleased that I have. What a breath of fresh air.

    Things that are promised materialise, Scott and Norma are accessible and ready to assist at any time and everyone in the business cares - cares about our clients and cares about colleagues.

    Support and backup is there, as is training. We can do as much or as little as we want - it truly is our business but with a great team behind us.

    I am proud to say I'm a Wanderluxe partner and will be for many years to come as the ethos throughout the business is aligned and cares for all my clients ... they are as important to me as they are to Wanderluxe - not as £ notes but as travellers and the experience we will deliver together 


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